Bird Feeder by Nader G. Vakili

Bird Feeder

Black Walnut, Mahogany, and Teak on Mahogany base
99"H x 39.75"W x 38"D

A friend had a black walnut tree cut down because its dead foliage “poisoned” her tulips. I took the trunk with the intention of carving a tulip in memorial to her dead tulips. She said, ‘I really don’t need a big statue in my house.’ It sat in my garage for a few years. One day looking at it I thought it would make a nice stand for a bird feeder: An inchworm (Teak) bores through the tulip stem holding a tray (Mahogany) on its head, a pair of its feet extending to hold a resting rod (Teak) onto which birds may alight.