Dovecot by Nader G. Vakili


1998; Base, 2004
Red Maple on Live Oak base
76"H x 23"W x 28"D

This is one of a set of four standing, as opposed to hanging, bird’s nests: Chickadee, Robin, Wren, and Dove. When it came to the Dove’s nest, I thought of love, dreams, blue tile windows, innocence, migration, and protecting nature. I thought that a Dove’s nest should rest on a whispery, whimsical, and transient base, so that is what I made. But years later, I felt that from the female’s point of view, a nest should be anchored on a simple, monolithic, and everlasting base. When a hurricane toppled a huge Live Oak tree, I looked at one of its suspended limbs and thought: there is a simple, monolithic, and everlasting base. It took two months to cut that monstrous tree down and get the limb out. I’ve made a simple, the fourth, and the last base for that Dovecot.